Westcountry Rivers Trust and the Environment Agency are pleased to announce a new auction for farmers and landowners in the River Lyd catchment, Devon. This will allow an opportunity to bid for funding to carry out interventions on their land which will contribute towards improvement in raw water quality.

These improvements mean that they will also support delivery of other benefits such as helping to regulate water supply, protect and improve soils, enhance biodiversity and the ability for land management to contribute to carbon sequestration through natural processes.

This auction runs from Monday 2nd - Friday 20th Dec before initial review,
then will reopen Monday Jan 6th - Friday Jan 10th before final decisions and closure.

The Lyd Catchment Auction is a simple online tool, on which you can bid for funding to deliver a selection of measures on your farm. It will allow you to select locations on your land in which you wish to implement these measures, and will allow you to bid an amount you could provide them for. The most competitive bids will receive funding from the Westcountry Rivers Trust after a period of review to achieve the best possible balanced outcomes for the catchment.

You can bid for funding for 8 main measures:

  • woodland planting
  • aerating / subsoiling
  • fencing
  • buffering
  • cover crops
  • ponds and wetlands
  • check dams
  • woody dams

(plus the ability to open negotiation for other site specific suggestions)